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        Spring - 2012

Spring is Here
Spring is possibly the best season to be a backyard bird feeder. The days are warmer and longer so we are outside more enjoying the birds we are attracting to our backyards.
The birds are busier too as they start their nest making and search for a mate. Some species such as the Tui put on amazing aerobatic displays as they try to impress potential mates with their flying abilities.
Spring is also a hard time for the birds because they are using up extra energy doing all their work and socializing, while at the same time their bodies are trying to recover from the cold lean winter which has left many of them with very little body fat reserves.
 At this time of year food is still hard to find because the spring growth has not yet happened and many of the insects that some birds rely on are still in short supply. The birds require a good supply of high protein food if they are going to get their nests built, mate, and raise their young successfully.
If you are still feeding suet out you will be noticing that it is melting on the warmer days and you may be thinking about stopping until next winter. The birds need the extra fat that Suet gives them at this time, but it does make a mess. The answer is to feed a little more often and also keep it in the deep freeze and feed directly from there. Try to find a shady position to hang the feeder.
 Fruit is another good, high energy food for the birds at this time of year. Try orange slices, diced or whole apples and pieces of banana. Once again feeding a little often is the secret to keeping the food supply fresh. If your feeling generous the birds will find grapes irresistible. Fruit has the extra advantage of attracting small flying insects which in turn attract birds like fantails.
 Spring is a difficult time for the birds because the weather can have periods of cold wind and rain comparable to any winter weeks while at the same time having long dry periods, when the time between rainy days is the same as in mid summer. Water is important during this time because just a few days without rain can dry out all the normal puddles and water sources found in many suburbs. Putting out several shallow bowls of fresh water will really help the birds during the spring and summer months.

If you are thinking about putting out nesting boxes it is still not to late but you really need to get this done within the next few weeks.



This is a really interesting site  that is defiantly worth a visit.
Kate MacRae has attracted all sorts of wild life to her Staffordshire garden, and has set up a range of LIVE cameras so visitors to her site can see the animals live, either feeding or inside their nesting boxes.
Her blog is also fascinating with lots of information on attracting birds and other animals to your backyard, feeding them, nesting boxes, and almost any other information you want to know about backyard wildlife.
I find myself continuously going back to the site to see what new things are happening in Kates backyard.


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Helping Out at Nesting Time.
Most people work hard to make their New Zealand backyards nice and tidy. We rake up the dead leaves, spray for spiders, and cut down all the long grass. Unfortunately in our quest for a tidy yard we are depriving the wild birds of the precise materials they need to build their nests.
 Part of the secret in attracting birds to your backyard is providing all the necessities of life that they find in the wild. If you provide nesting boxes the birds you are feeding will stay and nest but for this to happen they also need the materials to build a nest in those boxes.

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Know Your NZ Birds
When people start feeding birds they are usually just happy to put out a bit of food and watch the birds come down and feed. Normally it doesn't take long until the novice bird feeder starts to notice different birds arriving with their daily visitors and have no idea what they are.
Knowing what birds are visiting your backyard is not only interesting but also helpful when deciding what feed, nesting boxes etc to provide.
We are going to try and help you by having a regular section in our newsletter with photos and descriptions of New Zealand birds?
We are going to start by looking at the more common finches found throughout New Zealand. These will be visiting most NZ backyards but are sometimes hard to tell apart.

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Photo of the Month

We love receiving photos from our customers and have decided to include the best ones in each newsletter, so please send us your photos.
 This Song Thrush was photographed in Kaori, Wellington by Peter while it was feeding on bread on his back lawn.


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