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Pole Mounted Tui Feeder

Unfortunately there is not always a tree or fence post where you would like to put a bird feeder or bird house. We now supply a pole sleeve that allows you to mount many of our products exactly where you want them. This means that now you can position your feeders for optimal viewing anywhere in your yard. The other great advantage is that you can situate the feeders and bird houses away from fences and trees that cats can jump from.

The wooden sleeve is designed  to slide over a waratah standard.
Waratah standard not included. These are available at Bunnings, Placemakers or farm supply stores in various lengths. (approx $12.50 for the 1.8mtr one)

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Pole Mounted Tui Feeder

Cost - $117.00 (Pole Sleeve Included)

North Island Freight = $19.00
South Island Freight = $32.50

This feeder makes a smart, attractive addition to any garden. It is designed to take a 1.5 litre glass bottle.
The syrup feeder comes complete with a ceramic bowl and glass bottle.

Like all our timber products this feeder is handmade in New Zealand.

WIDTH - 295mm
HEIGHT- 560mm
LENGTH - 400mm


All timber and plywood is tanalised
NOTE - Bottle and Bowl supplied


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