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This Months Special Offer


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If you are wanting to start feeding wild birds in your backyard and don't know what feeders to get, this combo is perfect for you.
The combo has a Tui syrup feeder, a seed feeder, a fruit feeder, a suet feeder, and 1 kg of our Backyard Birds Wild Bird Seed. This is all you need to start attracting and feeding all the local birds in your area.

This special makes an ideal gift for anyone, particularly older relatives and families with young children.

Our Special allows you to buy all you need to attract and feed all the different types of birds that are found in New Zealand backyards




  Starter Combo #1

1 Small Tui Feeder
1 Small Seed Feeder

1 Fruit Feeder
1 Suet Feeder
1 Kg of Wild Bird Seed

Cost - $103.00

North Island Freight = $9.00


South Island Freight = $13.50




 Starter Combo #2

1 Large Flip Top Tube Feeder
1 Fat Snax Feeder

1 Pkt Wild Bird Energy Truffles
1.5 Kg of Wild Bird Seed

Cost - $45.00

NZ Wide Freight = $9.00




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