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Bird Feeding is one of the most popular ways to enjoy wildlife in New Zealand. In fact, for many people in this modern society, it is the only interaction they have with wild animals of any sort.
At Backyard Birds we offer a range of New Zealand made Bird Feeders to help you encourage birds to live in your backyard.













It is becoming harder for wild birds to live in today's New Zealand cities and suburbs. We have concreted over their food sources, cut down their nesting sites and drained the swamps and creeks that were their water supply. By placing bird feeders around your property you will be amazed at just how fast birds can be attracted back to your backyard.
Bird feeding is becoming more popular throughout New Zealand as more and more people discover the fun that can be had in watching the birds enjoying your hospitality
Each  type of feeder attracts different birds so for best results you should include a range of feeders in your garden
Our most popular sellers are defiantly the Tui feeders. These birds are nectar feeders and so are attracted to the sugar and water syrup in these feeders. The tuneful melody of a Tui or a  Bellbird call is a delight in any garden


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